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Lightstep announces the acquisition of trusted provider of structured logs, Lumbr

SAN FRANCISCO--Lightstep, the cutting-edge observability platform helping engineers understand complex systems at scale, today announced the acquisition of Lumbr. Lumbr's HQ is located in the middle of the woods and has been helping companies locate, store, and leverage logs for centuries.

"The problem with traditional logging is that it's a lot of overhead – we collect endless logs without context, which provides little value in real-time," said Austin Parker, Lightstep's Principal Developer Advocate. "Lumbr has a long, storied history of getting people the logs they need, when they need them. My grandparents used Lumbr when they were building their home in Poughkeepsie, and had the necessary logs delivered right to their door."

According to The North American Logging Society, wasted and unused logs come at a high cost; an estimated $60 billion in lost revenue annually in the United States alone. Without structure, logs are just chunks of wood that only deliver value when there is a firepit in proximity. Lightstep's platform adds the necessary structure to the logs, so they can be turned into shelves, desks, homes, and other useful things.

"We are excited to be joining the Lightstep team," said Buzz "Sawbuck" Timbermann, CEO of Lumbr. "We have all of these logs lying around and didn't know what to do with them. Joining with Lightstep will add real value to our logs."

Logging-related puns and April Fool's jokes aside, taking our work seriously—without taking ourselves too seriously—is one of Lightstep's core values. If you're interested in working with us, please check out our Careers page for more information about current roles. And of course, if you're interested in observability, we invite you to create a free Lightstep account.

About Lightstep

Lightstep's mission is to provide clarity and confidence to the teams that build and operate the software that powers our daily lives. The cutting-edge observability platform gives engineers quick insight into how changes in their applications and infrastructure affect their end-users and their business. Lightstep is backed by Redpoint, Sequoia, Altimeter Capital, Cowboy Ventures, and Harrison Metal and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit or follow @LightstepHQ.

About Lumbr

Lumbr has been a leader in the logging space for many years; they're one of the oldest providers of structured logs in the Pacific Northwest. Lumbr's mission is to bring their expertise and world-class talent into the 21st century, in order to meet the demands of more modern architectures.


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